Only a decade ago we started talking about Industry 4.0, yet today we are at the gates of a new change: the fifth industrial revolution.


With our feet firmly on the concept of Industry 4.0 based on digitization, automation and interconnection of production processes, we want to go further.

In a production reality in which IoT, artificial intelligence and even robotics are now fundamental and almost unavoidable, we want to look beyond, we want to achieve, in the sense of making real, the 5.0.

Industry 5.0 does not replace humans but aims at a Super Smart Society characterized by human-machine collaboration, where robots are replaced by cobots, collaborative robots programmed to interact with humans in shared workspaces, and software becomes Bots, intelligent and self-adapting software.

The model of Industry 5.0, far from wanting to exclude humans from the production process, loads on robots and cobots all the heavy, repetitive and precision work, leaves to the Bots the detection of error, disharmony, lack of precision but can not ignore the guidance of the human mind for the customization, differentiation and originality of the product.

We create collaborative machines, 5.0 machines.

We create potentially automatic machines at the service of the need, the will and the originality of the customer.


The philosophy of our company has always been to stand by our customers along the evolutionary path of their production.

We have made customization and assistance one of the main company cores.

Our technicians are at the complete disposal of our customers to repair, to assemble, to install our machines, to help them to identify and interpret their production needs in order to find and create together the best solution.